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Herbal Hair Darken Shampoo

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The Ultimate Hack to restoring your hair to its true color, naturally! Slow down and even stop the greying of your hair with the Herbal Hair Darkening Shampoo!


  • Slowly reduces grey hair naturally. Gradually reduce grey while it cleans conditions and revitalizes your hair. A breakthrough formula that provides subtle, gradual results so you will always have a natural look.

    • Easier and natural alternative. Perfect for those who want to keep the color of the hair without going through the dye. Those who want to hide the first few gray hairs can also bet on the product as it darkens their hair but saves it from a permanent dye. 

    • Instant results. See visible results in just a single-use, and within minutes, you’ll see a lustrous black hair color that will last up to 30 days

    • Easy to use. No complex instructions needed, you can achieve all this by doing something you’re already doing- shampoo your hair. Use this instead of your regular shampoo until you like what you see. Keep it that way: then alternate with your regular shampoo to maintain the look you like. 
    • Strengthens your hair. This also protects and strengthens damaged hair from deep within roots. Eliminates sebum and dead skin cells from deep within the pores, keeping hair clean. Results in dark hair that shines.

    • USAGE: Thoroughly wet the scalp and hair with warm water. Pump an appropriate amount onto palms and apply evenly through the hair. Massage hair and scalp and rinse off thoroughly. 


    • Size: 6 x 6 x 2.3 cm
    • Net Weight: 30 / 500 ml

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