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Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray

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Lose fat faster even without exercise with the Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray! Burn body fat in as little as five days by spraying this to your tummy, legs, and more.


  • Speeds up fat burning. This accelerates fat burning to help you achieve your weight and size goals faster than just exercising alone.

  • Safe and natural. Infused with essential nutrient groups and natural ingredients that help lose weight and maintain your ideal body weight.

  • Boosts your metabolism. This also supports appetite control & helps manage cravings for food. Boosts your metabolism & helps with carb blocking!
  • Maximize your workout. Experience a higher core body temperature, additional heat, and increased sweat. Boosts perspiration and helps improve cardio effectiveness.
  • Firms and nourishes your skin. Hydrating and moisturizing, easy to absorb by your skin. This has a great effect in slimming, firming, nourishing the skin to make it smooth and tender.
  • Easy to use. This formula is designed to target "problem areas" like the abs, arms, butt, thigh, and more. Just spray this to the part that needs it and massage!


  • 1 x Fitlab™ Fat Burn Spray (10ml)

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