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GlowyHip™ Skin Whitening Soap

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Show off some skin! Wear those bikinis worry-free from acnes and dark spots with this GlowyHip™ Skin Whitening Soap!

This Bar Soap effectively treat any acne, breakouts, spots, or pigmentations on the buttocks.

The peach extract contains high Vitamin C and has skin whitening with moisturizing effects.

Its added organic almond scrubs exfoliate the skin and then polish it to remove the dead and damaged skin cells.

It also evens out the skin complexion, leaving your butt visibly brighter and glowing! Can be used on buttock, elbow, underarm, inner thigh, knees, toes and other problem areas!


  • NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE. Composed of almond scrub powder, peach extract, konjac, fermented rose honey and fruits acid with 6 kinds of moisturizing components for a softer, smoother baby-like skin!

  • REMOVE BUTT ACNE & DARK SPOTS. Softening your skin and clearing-up butt free you from acnes and breakouts in just 24 hours.

  • BRIGHTENS AND SMOOTHS SKIN. Removes dirt, dead skin cells and odor from the skin. Gently exfoliates to improves skin tone.

  • HIGHLY MOISTURIZING. Contains 6 kinds of moisturizing components; loquat extract, kiwi extract, artichoke extract, aloe vera and peach leave and seed extract.

  • LIGHT SWEET SCENT. Leave your skin a fresh peach scent that will make everyone question the origin of that lovely smell.

  • FOR ANY PART OF THE BODY. One step clearing treatment for buttocks, thighs, knee, ankle and others body parts.


  • Ingredients: Peach ceramide, Rose extract, Almond, lactic acid, rose oil, Sorbitol, glycerin, olive oil, coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Fruit Enzyme
  • Color: Pink


  • 1 x GlowyHip™ Skin Whitening Soap

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