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Herbal Condition Hair Dye

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Easily switch from one hair color to another with the Herbal Condition Hair Dye! No mess, no fuss, no-spill hair coloring session from home.


  • Mess-free hair coloring. Unlike other hair color products, which can be messy or tricky to apply, these colorful tools comb the temporary hair color onto tresses and make it easy to apply a little or a lot of colors. 

  • Evenly distributes hair color. A versatile tool for seamlessly distributing hair color throughout the hair. Designed to have wide teeth to gently separate and detangle your hair while evenly blends color and conditioner for optimal, consistent saturation. 

  • Easy to use. As easy as combing your hair. Simply attach the comb applicator to the color tube, comb into your hair to apply, wait ten minutes, and rinse your hair out in the shower.

  • Made from natural ingredients. The hair coloring product is enriched with Jojoba oil and cosmetic grade Lanolin, gentle to scalp, making hair feel healthy & silky. And plays a deeper conditioning role, more hydrated, nourished hair. No ammonia, no dreadful chemical smell.

  • At home salon hair color. Hair color is made easy in the comfort of your own home with these tools. You can apply it straight from the applicator to deliver professional salon color.


Colors: Ash Brown, Gold Brown, Chestnut Brown, Mahogany Brown, Coffee Brown, Dark Brown, Ash, Black, Auburn, Jade, Sapphire, Amethyst


1 x Herbal Condition Hair Dye (200ml)

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