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One Press Lash Shaper

$12.97 USD
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Not your average lash curling tool - The  One Press Lash Shaper will lift and curl your lashes with ease! Achieve that flattering and beautiful lash looks in seconds.


  • Comfortably fits the eye contour, grabbing each lash – from the smallest to the longest of members.

  • No nasty snags, nips, or pulls in sight. 
  • Pain-free and tear-free lash curling experience.
  • Curl with confidence, without a crimp or crease.

  • Built with a cushiony pad for lasting curl without grabbing or pinching.

  • The rubber pad makes it easy to see the lashes and so spot any you've missed.
  • Easily achieve a youthful, doll-like, wide-awake look with these lash curler.


1 x One Press Lash Shaper

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