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    Stainless steel spout set (13 pieces) for cupcakes and cake decoration action

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    šŸ°With this Stainless steel spout set you will immediately be like a professional cake maker

    UseĀ 7 different StainlessĀ steel spout to create a variety of floral designs, and useĀ tri-color adaptersĀ to make colorful flowers, decorate your cake, andĀ have fun with your kids.


    šŸŖĀ The spout set hasĀ a wide range of uses: cakes, tarts, muffins, donuts, party, bakery, etc ..
    šŸ©Ā 9 different patternĀ steel spout, can make all kinds of flowers.
    šŸ°Ā Good choiceĀ for professional pastry chef and baking enthusiast.
    šŸŽ‚ Stable and lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean.
    šŸØ Made of stainless steel,Ā reusable & odorless.


    • Material:Ā stainless steel + silicone
    • Weight:Ā 175 g
    • Size:Ā as shown in picture 6.


    • 9 * spouts
    • 1 * piping bag
    • 1 * Tri-color adapter
    • 1 * grommet adapter
    • 1 * cleaning brush

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