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    Two-Headed Blade Back Hair Shaver

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    ✨Easily Shave Your Back Hair All On Your Own!✨

    The Two-Headed Blade Back Hair Shaver is a high quality luxury handled back hair remover which has been designed specifically to remove men's back and body hair effortlessly and without fuss.


    • Curved For Your Reach - The S-shaped curve allows your to reach all the areas you need to on your back and whole body without help.
    • Smooth, Painless Shave - The special blade design won't hurt your skin, but it will reach every area and eliminate the hair with its wide blade.
    • Suitable For Wet And Dry Use - This rustless blade can be used with and without water. 
    • Replace The Blade When You Want - It's easy to remove and change out the blade!


    • Size: 25*15*8.3cm
    • Weight:190g


    • Install the cutting head into the handle elbow.
    • Adjust the handle length according to your needs.
    • Gently close the bottom of cutting head to your back, and then pull the
    • cutting head up and down slowly to remove your back hair. (Do not press the cutting head strongly to avoid injury)
    • After use, clean the cutting head with water or towel, and then dry the water on the cutting head.


    • 1 * Stretchable Back Shaver
    • 1 * Cutting Head
    • 1 * Handle
    • 1 * User Manual

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